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Cockroaches are probably some of the grossest, nastiest, and most disturbing insects that could ever infest your home, and the only thing to be done with them is to kill them and get rid of them (Advion Gel Bait is our top pick). They multiply very quickly and thus have the ability to infest any living space within a matter of weeks or even days. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about roaches, as well as your options of what we consider to be the best product to kill roaches.

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About Cockroaches

There are several different kinds of cockroaches that have the potential to infest your home. The different species of cockroaches include oriental roaches, brown-banded roaches, German cockroaches, and American roaches. The most common cockroaches to infest homes are the American and German cockroaches, both being pale brown in color, with the American cockroaches being slightly larger than the German cousins, up to 55 mm in length. These are by far not the only types of cockroaches that could infest your home, but they are the most common of all.

What Attracts Roaches?

Food is the number one thing that cockroaches are attracted to, and they love it all. Roaches are known to like sweets, meats, and starches, however they will eat pretty much anything including old books, sewage, and decaying wood and plant life. They love to go into homes because there are usually many dark and damp spaces for them to nest, not to mention an abundance of food as well.

Signs That You Have A Cockroach Problem

The best way to tell that you have a cockroach infestation in your home is of course if you can see actual cockroaches; they are pretty hard to miss, especially when there are a lot of them! If you suspect that you have a roach problem, a good place to check for them is in cupboards, drawers, and other places that are dark and maybe even damp as well. Another way to tell if you have a cockroach problem in your home is by identifying their feces.

Cockroaches will leave their fecal matter everywhere, fecal matter that looks like small coffee grounds. So, if you are seeing “coffee” grounds all over the place, but you can’t remember the last time you made your own coffee, then chances are that you have a roach problem. Also, some species of cockroaches do emit quite an unpleasant odour too.

What Problems Can Cockroaches Cause?

The worst problem that cockroaches can cause you has to do with your breathing. The dander and fecal matter that roaches produce and leave behind, if inhaled in large quantities over a prolonged period of time can cause breathing difficulties and even lung infections. This problem is a lot worse for people that already suffer from a breathing condition such as asthma.

The dander, body parts, and fecal matter left behind by cockroaches can also be a major contributor to allergies in people that already suffer from certain types of allergies, especially those that affect the lungs. That isn’t all, because roaches can also carry a variety of disease causing germs too. For these reasons, it’s quite important to find the best product to kill roaches dead!

The Best Product To Kill Roaches Permanently – Our Recommendations & Reviews

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

These gel baits are a great way to kill cockroaches quickly and to control a heavy infestation. The Advion roach bait is great for killing all species of cockroaches, so no matter what kind of cockroach has infested your home, they will not be able to withstand this powerful compound. To use it, simply squeeze out the directed amount onto surfaces where the roaches like to frequent.

The cockroaches will eat the gel and bring it back to their nesting area where the rest of the cockroaches will feed off of it. The bait will kill the roaches within hours or even minutes after consumption and is very effective at performing its job. This product is child and pet friendly when used in the appropriate way. That being said, it is unsafe for anybody to ingest the gel baits, so be careful around curious pets or children.

This product is great because it stays active and potent for up to two years, so you know that you won’t have to keep putting down more. Syngenta cockroach baits combine compounds which both attract roaches and cause them to eat the bait in high quantities, ultimately rendering them dead! The product contains four syringes full of cockroach bait that is generally effective and when it comes to finding the best product to kill roaches, this is in our opinion one of the better options.



Cyper WSP Insecticide -1 Lb. Control Spray

This is another good product to use if you want to be more hands on in the roach killing process. Just like with any other bug killing spray, the Cyper insecticide control spray will kill all roaches on contact. Not only will this product kill all roaches on contact, it also has residual effects that last up to 90 days and will kill all cockroaches that come into contact with it during the 90 day period.

This is a self-mix insecticide, and the 1LB pail has enough inside of it to make up to 48 gallons of the finished solution, 24 gallons if you choose to make it more potent, and it even includes a measuring scoop so you can be accurate with the quantities. This insecticide is great for contact killing, and should be applied to all cracks, crevices, and opening which lead into your home. It should be noted that this insecticide is toxic to pets and children, and especially fish; never use this item in a place where water can run off into larger bodies of water, as that will surely kill the fish.

On a positive note, this spray can be used to kill and control a lot more than just roaches, including mosquitos, flies, silverfish, hornets and bees, earwigs, potato bugs, and virtually any other kind of insect that you could imagine infesting your home (aside from bed bugs, those are a whole different story). The 1LB pail of Cyper Insecticide has excellent customer reviews, a bit on the pricey side will last you a very long time. This is definitely a great solution to your roach problem and in our opinion is one of the best products to kill roaches indeed.


We hope our guide and recommendations has been able to help you identify the very best product to kill roaches and help you get rid of your pest problem permanently.

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