Best Way To Kill Rats Quickly And Permanently

A very common question is what is the best way to kill rats? Keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know about rats and how to get rid of them.


Rats can be a real nuisance when it comes to your home, because they love to invade homes and make it their own place to live. Rats can cause a lot of damage to your home and are dangerous for your health as well, not to mention that they like to eat all of your food.

best way to kill rats

What Attracts Rats To Your Home?

There are several things that will cause rats to be attracted to your home, and most of them are things that you can change or prevent. The number one thing that causes rats to invade your home is if they are hungry and smell food within your home. Rats are always looking for new sources of food, and if they realize that your home has easily accessible food, then they will surely investigate.

If you have open food sources in your home that a rat can get to unhindered, then you are definitely at risk, and it doesn’t really matter what food it is because rats are like garbage cans; they will eat everything. Another thing that attracts rats to your home is the warmth, especially so during the cold winter months. Just like you, rats like to be warm, and that means in the winter time they will seek the comfort of the indoors, and more than likely that will be your home. Rats are also attracted to homes due to breaks or cracks in the foundation, as well as cracks or gaps in the wood of your home; if a rat sees a way in, it will go in.

Are Rats Dangerous?

The short and simple answer to this is yes, rats absolutely are dangerous. One of the ways that rats can be dangerous is of course because they are very aggressive and territorial, and that means if you get close to them, even in your own home, they may bite and scratch you; rat bites hurt because some rats can have fangs up to 1 inch long, or even longer depending on the size of the animal.

Rats are also dangerous because they can carry multiple diseases, one of the worst of course being the bubonic plague, which is carried by rats and contracted to humans. Rat bites can also cause something called rat-bite fever, which is like the common flu, but a lot worse and harder to get rid of. Rat urine and fecal matter, if you come into contact with it, can also cause something called leptospirosis, a condition that can cause serious liver and kidney damage, and ultimately liver failure and death if left untreated. Due to all of these reasons, it is essential that you find the best way to kill rats quickly.

Signs That You Have A Rat Problem

There are several tell-tale signs that you have a rat problem in your home. Perhaps the biggest sign is of course if you happen to see a rat; when there is one, well, there never is just one! Other signs that you may have a rat problem in your home include things like missing food or chewed packaging.

Rats have really strong teeth, and they really love food, so if you have rats in your home, chances are that you will find chewed up and ripped apart food packaging, especially cardboard packaging as that is easy to chew through. Other signs include things like finding rat droppings and rat urine in your home; if there are rat droppings then they are most likely nesting in your home.

The final sign that you may have a rat problem is hearing movement in the walls. Rats like to nest in tight spaces such as in between walls, and during the night time they like to be active and move around, which is something that you will hear when trying to sleep.

Best Way To Kill Rats Using Our Recommended Products

D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits

D-Con Mice Rat Killer

This product is great at killing both mice and rats, and it does so generally quickly and effectively. Rats and mice, depending on their size, must eat a certain amount of the bait in order for it to kill them, however it is proven that both rats and mice love the taste of the bait, and will always come back for more.

Therefore, the bait may prove to be lethal after just one feeding, but usually the first dead mice and rats will appear within 3-5 days. The D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits is in our opinion a good option to consider when it comes to getting rid of rats and mice.

One thing that does need to be mentioned is that this product is not safe for children, pets, or adults for that matter; if you ingest the baits it can be lethal.



Farnam Just One Bite Bar

Just One Bite Rat Killer

This product, as the name implies, does not take multiple feedings to kill the rats or mice. Instead, these Farnam One Bite Bars will kill any rat or mouse with just one feeding to make sure that all of your problems are solved in the shortest amount of time possible.

1 package is generally more than enough to kill an entire infestation. If you have rats or mice in your home then this is in our opinion one of the best products to consider.


We hope this post has given you a better insight on the best way to kill rats quickly and if you follow the advice and information you should be able to get rid of your rat problem permanently.

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