Bird B Gone MMTBG Transparent Bird Gel Review

Birds can be a real pain because they tend to defecate everywhere and that’s no good. People who have their own homes know that birds can make a real mess. There are many ways to keep birds away including roof spikes, sounds makers, and light reflectors, but none of them work quite as well as the Bird B Gone Gel.

What Is Bird B Gone MMTG Transparent Bird Gel?

Bird B Gone is a great gel that helps to repel birds and keep them away from your property. Bird B Gone Gel is a non-poisonous alternative to other options that may kill birds and it’s very easy to use too. This bird repellant is great for outdoor window sills, the edges of roofs, and anywhere else around the house, as well it is used for many industrial areas as well.

Birds can be a real nuisance but with the help of Bird B Gone they don’t have to be. This gel is great because it can withstand many elements including light snow, high winds, and harsh rains and it can withstand very low and high temperatures as well, making it ideal for year round bird repelling.

It’s a great way to keep birds away without setting any big traps or putting up some really bad look diverters. Other things that repel birds may injure or kill them, but that is certainly not the case with Bird B Gone Gel.

How Does It Work?

Bird B Gone Gel works by making the bird’s day the most uncomfortable it has ever been. After the gel has been applied to the desired location the birds aren’t going to want to land on it. The gel is extremely sticky and bird’s feet will stick to it and make them never want to come back.

No the gel is not so sticky that the birds will be forever there and eventually die, but it is sticky enough to make sure that the birds have a hard time getting away and that they will thus never want to come back to that location. Bird B Gone gel is also designed with some specific scents that birds really hate or are scared of in order to keep them away even more.

How To use Bird B Gone MMTG Transparent Bird Gel

Bird B Gone Gel is very easy to use and in essence it’s just like applying caulking to a bigger area. You will need something like a caulking gun to get the gel out of the tube and onto the desired surface. Simply cut the front end of the tube open and insert it into a caulking gun just like you would with a tube of caulking.

All you have to do is squeeze the trigger on the caulking gun to get the gel out onto the area you wish to cover. Keep in mind that each tube only covers an area 3 inches by 10 feet, which means that if you have a bigger bird problem you are going to need several tubes.


This gel is specifically designed to be effective at keeping birds away from your home, but will also keep them alive. It’s a great way to keep the bird poop off of your window sills and balcony while also ensuring that you aren’t poisoning the environment. It could be easier to use and it actually works too!


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