Can Mice Climb Walls? All About The Mystery

Having mice in your home is a real nuisance because they leave their droppings everywhere, they make a lot of noise, and worst of all they eat all of your food. Unless you treat a mouse infestation quickly and efficiently, they will multiply and essentially destroy your home. (Eco Defense is our top pick for getting rid of mice naturally).


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The common mouse is not very big at all, usually only being 2-3 inches in length. They have big old ears and are usually white, grey, brown, black, or a mixture of all of the above. Mice are also quite dangerous because they can bite pretty hard and inflict damage. Not to mention that a dirty mouse can carry many different diseases that are harmful to both you and your pet. There is something else that needs to be addressed, and that is the question of can mice climb walls?

Can Mice Climb Walls?

Can Mice Climb Walls
The short and simple answer to the question of can mice climb walls? is yes, mice can absolutely climb walls. It is a scary thought, but unfortunately for you and your home, mice have the uncanny ability to climb up and across a whole variety of surface. There are many stories of people talking about seeing a mouse climb up a wall or even across a ceiling, and these stories are quite true. Mice have very little feet and claws, very strong claws too, and these strong little feet allow the, to latch onto the smallest of surfaces. This allows them to grab onto slightly porous surface such as different types of walls and ceilings; this makes the mouse a very adept climber.

What Kinds Of Surfaces Can Mice Climb?

Since mice have the ability to climb even the slightest rough surface, there are quite a few different kinds of things they can climb. Mice are able to climb many different kinds of outer walls because most of them are porous in some way or another. Things like stucco, wooden walls, brick walls, and even concrete all give mice and rats great places to sink their claws in to.

And when talking about the inside of your home, mice are also able to climb slightly porous surfaces like drywall; and nowadays most walls on the inside of houses and apartments are made of drywall. In some cases walls may be made out of wood or concrete, but mice can climb those as well. Mice are also great at climbing walls that have been covered in a rough textured material or with wallpaper. On the other hand, surfaces that are made of smooth metal, glass, or anything that is laminated will give the mice a hard time. On a side not, mice can actually jump really far too!

What Are The Different Ways To Deal With A Mouse Problem

There are several different ways that you can effectively deal with mice in your home. One of those ways is of course to call in a professional, but they are very expensive, and they really won’t be able to do anything that you can’t do by yourself. One of the first things that you can do is do put in simple mouse traps. These are simple to operate, can be put anywhere in your home where you think there may be pests, and all you have to do is load them up with some peanut butter or cheese. On a side note, these traps are physical which means that you will need to dispose of the mice manually, as well they should be kept away from pets and children.

Another option that you have is to buy traps that don’t kill the mice. There are traps that are like raccoon traps; once the mouse goes inside the trap closes automatically, leaving the mouse trapped inside, which you can then release into the wild. Another option that is at your disposal is to get poison pellets which will kill the mice in several hours. The problem with this method is not only that it is seemingly inhumane due to a slow and agonizing death, there is also the problem of the mice having a certain tendency to crawl into your walls or other tight spaces where they will die. This of course creates a giant stink. The final method to use is a sound emitting device, one of which is reviewed just below.

The Product Review – Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellant

This is a good product for keeping mice away and it works really well too. Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent works really well to keep mice away by utilizing ultrasonic sound waves. Simply put, these are sound waves that are very uncomfortable for mice and rats to hear, it is even painful for their ears. The high pitched ultrasonic sound waves radiate out from the unit and work to keep mice away from your house.

The other reason we like this product is it works is by creating and electromagnetic barrier around the perimeter in which it is active. This means that bugs such as mosquitos have a really hard time getting in. That’s the next really great thing about this product because it is effective at keeping a whole variety of animals away. This includes animals such as mice, rats, and other rodents, as well as bees, mosquitos, flies, and other unwanted flying critters.

Another really feature about this product is that it is non-toxic and utilizes no poisons to get the job done. Not only that, but it is also safe to have around your children and household pets too; humans can’t even hear the sound that this device gives off.

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