Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs OR Is There An Easier Way?

Bed bugs are some of the worst critters out there because they can infest a home in a very short amount of time, they are very hard to get rid of, and worst of all they feast on you while you sleep. Here are some tips and suggestion on how to get rid of them, and main question to be answered is does alcohol kill bed bugs? This is our top pick over using alcohol.


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What Are Bed Bugs – Are They Dangerous?

Bed bugs are small insects that feed exclusively on blood, and unfortunately the preferred blood is that of human beings. Bed bugs aren’t like just any other bugs either, these things are ridiculously hard to get rid of. They are worse than mice, rats, ants, wasps, or even cockroaches in terms of actually getting rid of them; it can be an absolute nightmare.

They love to infest all kinds of things including mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, clothing, carpeting, and wood furniture too. The problem with them is that they are extremely resilient, and that combined with the fact that they multiply extremely quickly, means that they can infest your whole house in a matter of weeks.

Bed bugs can be dangerous in cases of serious infestations because some people can have allergic reactions when exposed to a lot of them. The thing is that they do bite; after all they have to bite you to feed on your blood, a process that can leave red and itchy welts on the skin. Some people don’t react too well to this and may require medical attention. You will know that you have bed bugs because you will be able to see them, their eggs, and most visible of all will be your own blood stains on the bed sheets.

If you have been bitten and need some help then our post: treatment for bed bug bites will help you.

Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs – How Is It Done?

Does alcohol kill bed bugs

Yes, alcohol does kill bed bugs, but it can’t be just any old vodka or whiskey, it has to be really strong. The kind of alcohol you have to use is called isopropyl rubbing alcohol that contains 90 percent or more alcohol, preferably 99 percent alcohol. This is very important to note, anything weaker than this and the bed bugs will not die. The isopropyl rubbing alcohol will kill the bed bugs on contact when covered in it.

What can’t be stressed enough is that bed bugs multiply very quickly. That means if you have a lot of furniture and soft areas like carpets and bed sheets, and have a big bed bug infestation that has managed to grow for a while, then you’re going to need a lot of alcohol, several dozen liters worth. That might get very expensive very quickly, not only that but alcohol also has a strong odor and the ability to stain upholstery too. You might actually be better off using a professional product because that will end up being easier, quicker, and cheaper too.

Product that we recommend using instead of Alcohol

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Bed bugs are really nasty critters and they are extremely hard to get rid of, but one way that you can attempt to do it on your own is by using Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. This is a good product for killing bed bugs, One part about this product that we like is that it’s made out of all natural ingredients, making Eco Defense safe to use around children, pets, and yourself. Not only is it safe, but it doesn’t leave any stains either.

The reason we feel it is one of the better products is that it is one of the fastest bed bug killers and it kills them on contact too. All forms of bed bug infestations can be treated with this great product simply by spraying it directly on any surface. You can use Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer on your mattresses, pillows, and sheets, your carpets and flooring, chairs and other wooden furniture, and virtually everything else. All you have to do is spray the areas where you see or suspect bed bugs.


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When To Get Professional Help

So, at this point you have done everything you can do, including heat treatments and cold treatments for all of your soft things like clothing and upholstery, you have soaked them in alcohol and even used Eco Defense too, but nothing seems to work. That is probably the point at which it is time to get professional help. The problem is that unless you get professional help, you are going to have to throw out all of your furniture, clothing, and everything else that has been infested by bed bugs.

The problem is that professionals charge a lot of money for bed bug treatments, anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. The reason for this is that bed bugs are very resistant, and the heat treatments and cold treatments, as well as the chemical needed to kill the bed bugs, are very expensive, not to mention that it’s a laborious process too. That is all besides the fact that bed bugs are so resilient that it often takes several trips and treatments from a professional to get rid of them. These creepy critters can seriously change people’s lives, so make sure that you take all of the required lengths to get rid of them as quickly as possible; remember time is of the essence when it comes to treating your bed bug infestation.

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