DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel Review

Ants can pose a real problem to homes because they will infest a house once they have found food and a place to nest, not to mention that they multiply quickly and are hard to get rid of. There are a few different ways of getting rid of ants however many of those methods just don’t work. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of ants is to use the DuPont Advion Ant Control bait Gel.

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What Is DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel?

Advion Ant Control Bait Gel is specially formulated compound that kills ants. This product is meant for both small and large infestations of ants in your home.

The Advion Ant Control Bait Gel is safe to use around children and pets as long as it is not ingested which makes it a great choice for homes everywhere. This formula is designed to work as a spot or crack treatment to control the ants at their source and stop them from entering further into your home.

This is a great product because it is proven to generally kill all types of ants no matter how big or small they are. This Ant Bait Gel is odorless and colorless to ensure that it does not stain and stink up your home. This stuff is ideal for residential area, public areas, and private commercial areas as well.

How Does It Work?

DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel works by attracting all different types of ants and killing them from the inside out. The specially formulated gel is designed to attract ants to it and to get them to bring it back to their queen.

The Gel is semi-fast acting which means that it kills ants pretty quickly after they ingest it, but it still gives the ants enough time to bring the poison back to their queen, the queen being the number one threat and the producer of many more ants.

The Ant Gel dries up the ants from the inside out once it has been ingested and once it has been taken back to the nest will eliminate all ants in sight as soon as they eat it.

How To Use DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel

This Bait Gel is very easy to use. All you have to do is to cut away the front tip of the tube in order to let the gel flow out. Then use the plunger to squeeze the gel out onto the desired area. This gel is meant for spots, holes, and cracks in the wall or flooring where ants are getting in.

Apply the Advion Ant Control Bait Gel generously to the crack or hole in order to stop the ants in their tracks. The ants will not go further than the bait gel because they are attracted to it and will eat some of it and take the rest back to their nest to finish off the rest of the ants.

Keep in mind that this product should not be used around surfaces or areas where food is being handled as ingestion of this gel is harmful to health.


DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel is very effective at killing all types of ants and getting them out of your house quickly. Just apply the gel to the affected area and wait for the magic to happen.


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